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How do you deal with fear?

Tarih: 05.12.2019 21:55 Okuma Süresi: 1 dk. 27 sn. Yazar: Cloud

What is the ultimate difference between a cow and a human being? The first one has no concern for the future nor fears no misgivings of her past time activities whereas the latter is taken by his stormy past and future. Fear, by all means, is ahumane instict for the obscure, incoherent. Yet, my own way of dealing with fear is to ascend my current human condition and become the superior version of myself everyday, a very Nietzschean thought. The ''über'' approach to the fear is somehow an acquiescent one. Instead of  constantly being overwhelmed by gastralgic ache stimulated by upcoming exams or, it can be any fearful event, we, the superiormen, accept our fate. Fear of the obscure doesn't cause me to create another world in which who frightened me in this life are tormented. Accepting my life in this little blue planet as it is, is my main fear blocker trait. Secondly, for those who can't go beyond their limited view of what is good or what is evil, evolutional instict of fearing from the fearful might come in handy. Even the people who are fainthearted in their actions might be the ones who are in the money. Nevertheless, such people are weak in character and are to be ruled by the stronger ones. To sum up, in order to demolish our fears, we have to be stronger in character and become the superior version of ourselves.



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How do you deal with fear?
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