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Reactionism in Turkey

Tarih: 10.04.2022 00:34 Okuma Süresi: 1 dk. 24 sn. Yazar: Cloud

Reactionism in Turkey has been scaling up consistently for 50 years and every effort to restore the system results in the increase of reactionist movements. There are three reasons for such an increase throughout Turkey. The first reason for this problem has an even older background. Socioeconomic irregularities in the Ottoman Empire retained people from reaching economic welfare, causing people to stick to religion in the hope of a wealthy life after death. But as the majority of people who espoused religion, were not conscious of their recognition of religion; they fell into reactionist people's bigotry inculcations. The second reason for the increase in reactionism is personal causes. Ignorance is one of the most powerful personal factors of the people who support reactionism. The literacy rate of people was too low in Ottoman Empire. Besides, the difference between the spoken language and the religion's language caused non-amendable consequences in Turkey's future and present. Another reason which we can not ignore is the exterior forces. Those who considered Turkey's development as an inconveniency to their profits promoted Turkish people to reactionism in a roundabout way. Sheikh Said rebellion can be considered an example of such forces' influence. In conclusion, reactionism in Turkey is not, as it's often taken to be, something new. Roots of the movement of such a thought are actually in the depths of our history.

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Reactionism in Turkey
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