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Disadvantages of boasting and feeling special

Tarih: 04.12.2019 21:50 Okuma Süresi: 1 dk. 59 sn. Yazar: Cloud

In today's world, distinguished people with special abilities and the possesions are all the go. Thanks to the social media, we are flooded with the people's  very own expensive things and the faces and the nonsense they work on which they advertise via every single photograph.The question is, how different would people act if they couldn't show off on social media? Would they still do it?

''The things you used to own ,end up owning you'' is a well known quote from the movie Fight Club,1999. It may be a very 60's hippie and disregarding-the-life-entirely vibe but the concept is that sticking to material things excessively will end up as a psychological breakdown. Person who is into buying new things that he or she doesn't actually want has to work just to pay for that possesion. He or she has to work for hours only for being able to spit the sentence '' I have an Iphone.''. For such a raving superiority complex, some people's houses are full of redundant things. As long as the possessions don't encompass one's the one and only life, things are nice. Otherwise, they cause misery. In addition to the possession addiction, most of the people feel it at some point in their lives, that they are beautiful and unique snowflakes. Reality is that, they are snowflakes on a mountain covered with 38 ft depth of snow. Neither at the top of the depth nor at the bottom, dwelling on the chalk white of snow, people change their forms through the seasons but substantially, they remain the same. Transforming them into a human, when the almighty revived them from the void and gave them a torch, some chose to kick off the Olympics and some chose to hunt witches with that. Those who kicked off the olympics became less bragging kind of person whereas those who looked for a witch became a boaster for carrying such a possesion.


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Disadvantages of boasting and feeling special
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