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Dan Brown - Deception Point

Tarih: 03.01.2022 23:42 Okuma Süresi: 2 dk. 5 sn. Yazar: Cloud

Dan Brown… If I had to describe him in 3 words, I would definitely say “action, mystery and excitement”. Born in the U.S.A, Dan Brown has had a special place for his readers, as he is able to take a reader in with the first line of his books and never let them go till the last word. He is one of the top-selling authors of all time, but, ironically, he never intended to be an author at all. He started to his career as a musician and in one of his holidays in Tahiti, he found a copy of the book ‘The Doomsday Conspiracy’. He read it savourily, and realized that he too could write something like that author. Then, his story began. The book that I wanted to analyse was his third book ‘The Deception Point’. Although the book isn’t considered as his finest work by his readers, it had been my first Dan Brown experience in high school. The book is about a meteorite that fell on earth which is believed to carry animate particles that could prove extra-terrestial life. The President sends Rachel Sexton to discover the truth and analyse the meteorite. If it’s proven to be an authentic material, the current President will benefit from the discovery and use it as a propaganda material. However, the truth is that it was all staged and the team sent there narrowly escapes assassination, since Rachel Sexton is the daughter of the other candidate. In sum, the team is deceived. I will mostly analyse the movements of the crew, namely Rachel Sexton (a member of the USA intelligence agency and the daughter of the other presidential candidate), Michael Tolland (a charismatic scientist) and Gabrielle Ashe (Senator Sexton’s private assistant). Throughout their journey to the meteorite, the crew goes through a series of nail biting events. The main reason why I chose this book in particular is that I had believed that I would easily spot a motion event in such a breath taking story, and I did so.

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Dan Brown - Deception Point
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