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Why does academic writing suck?

Tarih: 05.12.2019 21:46 Okuma Süresi: 1 dk. 28 sn. Yazar: Cloud

Academic writing is a required writing technique in intellectual environments. In contradistinction to personal writing, it has its own set of rules and practises. Throughout their studies in university, students are expected to be qualified in academic writing skills. However, such kind of writing technique has its own drawbacks either. First of all, academic writing technique limits students about narrating their own ideas. So called beginning, middle and end structure beclouds the way a person expresses his thoughts.Thus, emotionless works of art are created and people can't revel in the elegance of writing. Secondly, fixed path of composing the stream of an idea causes people to think ordinary. Nowadays, people go with the flow and when they attempt to do something new, they try to duplicate what they see with their eyes rather than using their brain to figure out how things work. In ordinary way of thinking, people are more likely to make mistakes whereas people who are not obliged to do academic writing and who can think logically, are more likely to be aware of do's and do not's. In addition to the idea that academic writing causes ordinary thinking, in 2014, Swiss scientists observed that students who were forced to write academically became less risk-takers and no wonder workers while students who were free to write however they wanted brought up their ideas to perfection. To conclude, students must be able to write however they want to.

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Why does academic writing suck?
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