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The best part of university life

Tarih: 30.11.2019 20:59 Okuma Süresi: 2 dk. 55 sn. Yazar: Cloud

The best part of university life is when you have your own room in the city. Believe me. For the times I had spent in our university's dormitory, I had that feeling of being monitored constantly by the strangers in my room. Being monitored is, in my book, equals to simulating a person called Bulut Tanrısever. That is, I'm not acting according to my own personal feelings. That is, I wear a mask before I talk to people doing the household core. One of my discoveries about my personality has been that, though I try to lie and distort what's going on, I simply hate lying. Thus, being constantly monitored by several fellas had been stirring me up back when I was living in the dorm. Now that I've my own room, I can freely act as I wish and therefore, I no more have to cover my gut instincts. I sing, I dance, I listen to whatever the fuck I want, I cry, I discuss... The freedom that I've obtained by changing my point from x to the y has allowed me to enjoy the good sides of being a university student. Unfortunately, I see those students who stick to their dearie dormitory so hard that they perceive leaving it as a sin and I feel pity for those people. What they've been missing throughout their education life is that, they are not likely to watch a national football match while drinking alcohol and smoking cigarette at the same time in their dearie dorm. Even if they try to experience such thing outdoors, a lot of money, according to student standards, needs to be coughed up. Nevertheless, a vast majority of people living in the dorms say that, they would prefer house life to their current living. This fact directly leads us to a point that, METU dormitories are hated by their inhabitants. So, the question is... Is the freedom of having personal space that is not shared by anyone a need, or the dormitory service in the university is not operating properly and thus, causing its students to leave it? The conclusion that we can reach by answering the former question is taking us back to the point that, university life is best experienced when a room is rented in the city. The latter question, on the other hand, is taking us to a completely different point which I'm not going to mention in this journal. In conclusion, I suggest my friends to, at least, experience the university life in a room that belongs to them, even though that might be just for a day, for their own benefits. Trust me, these are the days that we are not likely to live once again and every minute that we share with our colleagues is special. Why don’t we enjoy it more then?

The best part of university life
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