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Qualities of a good teacher

Tarih: 04.12.2019 22:04 Okuma Süresi: 1 dk. 34 sn. Yazar: Cloud

Among the qualities of a good teacher, being open-minded, being disciplined and willingness to change are the top three for me. A teacher who circumscribes himself into a limited comprehension of the world cannot claim himself as a good teacher. Limited comprehension of the world may cause detrimental effects on the next generations such as regarding biased policies in not only political but also in other aspects of life. If we are inclined to create superior version of our society, this is the only way we can cross our boundries. In addition to being open-minded, being a disciplined teacher is another the be-all and end-all. Old teachers who can't keep up with the rhytm of young people and young teachers who aren't experienced in the field of education lack discipline. Therefore, though not intentionally, a catastrophic classroom environment is created in their lessons. My concept of discipline, however, is not something like shouting at students whenever they try to use their mobile phones or those who sleep for they can't stand to listen to the teacher for an hour. My concept is more like being strict about time limitations,attendance and grades. A student who doesn't respect you isn't the one who gets sleepy in your lessons, but is the one who isn't in the class on time. Forbye, being willing to change is required for the very nature of humankind and that is evolution. Teachers who can adapt themselves to different school environments may benefit from their own behaviours in the long run.

Qualities of a good teacher
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