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On Education- A critique of Emile Durkheim's article

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Emile Durkheim is pretty much right in his criticism of Kantian understanding of education. According to my point of view, reaching to perfection is a never-ending goal, as provided by Plato, and such a perfection is not attainable in this universe (pointing above in 'The School of Athens'). I'm not saying this to prove Plato right but, perfection by the word itself refers to some degree of unattainability in itself. Also, setting such a high criterion for the word education, which is only provided via state institutes for a very limited span in the individual's life, is highly unrealistic. If something is to have such a high criterion, then, it has to be a life long activity. Learning, by all means, can be a life long activity which may help the individual to reach perfection.

Stating that men would turn into an animal if he was deprived of what society had given to him is placing a hierarchy among all beings. This is what has generally been assumed by the majority of philosophers (Aristotle, Heidegger, Descartes). Yet, I agree with Darwin's saying "...the differences between animals and humans are only quantitative and this fact doesn't justify placing men in a distinct kingdom.". Even education takes place among other beings (some songbirds have to learn the local medium of communication to survive). Thus, education doesn't only belong to mankind. I can relate to Durkheim's biased opinions towards existence as Darwin's ideas weren't that influential at his time. Yet, there were biological findings that contrasted with his philosophical ideas. Surely, he talks with a "commanding tone" throughout the ending of the article. In my point of view, education should be a mean of liberating students by not implementing personal judgements about things, which is highly in relation with what Durkheim says about the topic. Yet, his methodology of such a system of education is highly frightening. Don't we all complain about authoritarian teachers that we've encountered with in our educational life? Don't we all love singing along the song "Another Brick In The Wall" ? So, there is no need to judge "indecisive" teachers in schools, since this is a very characteristic of human beings.

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